FinalData Enterprise Network 2.0: Ultimate Protection for a Company's Critical Data

Users working with serious business applications require FinalData Enterprise 2.0. With the Enterprise version you get all of the benefits of FinalData Premium, along with the ability to recover data over the network, compare files, create custom file formats and print data recovery reports.

-   INCLUDES 1 CLIENT LICENSE (FinalData Winslave)*1
*1 FinalData Winslave Version 2.0 is a network agent which should be
installed on computers where lost/damaged files are to be recovered over the network.
It should be used together with FinalData Enterprise Network Version 2.0.

Add network recovery to the capabilities of FinalData Premium:

Restores Damaged Files Fast and Easy to Use
   -Recover from virus damage

   -Restore files after system and
    application crashes

   -Regain files lost from power outages

   -Intuitive graphical user interface

   -Easy 3-step recovery process

   -Automatic detection of file system

Comprehensive Recovery Tools Maintain Data Security
   -Network Recovery    

   -Custom File Format    

   -File Compare    

   -Recovery Report    

   -Privately recover your data

   -Recover files with minimal downtime

FinalData Enterprise Network offers comprehensive data recovery tools.

Undelete Files Restore Files Protect Files
Accidental deletion


Emptied Recycle Bin

System crashes

Application failures

Reformatted drives

Damaged by virus

Damaged partitions

Damaged MBR

Delete detection

Folder protection

File monitoring

  Undelete Files
  Automatically recover files that have been accidentally deleted from your system.

  Repair Microsoft® Office, Oracle® Export, and MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Files
  Return your damaged files to usable forms.

  Media Supported
  Comprehensively supports the following types of data storage media:
IDE/EIDE/ATA drives, floppy drives, Zip® and Jaz® drives, SCSI® drives, CompactFlash®, SmartMedia®, and CD-ROMs.

  Deleted File Information Tracking*
  Automatically records to a log file whenever a file is deleted-this allows even highly fragmented files to be quickly recovered.

  QuickRecovery from Virus Attack
  Includes options such as quickly recovering Worm-infected files without a cluster scan.

  Recovery Folders for Targeted Files
  Select specific files to recover and have restored to specified folders-saving significant time compared to recovering entire drives and searching for the files.

  Damaged and Formatted Partitions
  Recover data from a damaged or formatted Master Boot Record (MBR), FAT, directory entry, etc.

  All Microsoft® Windows® File Systems Supported
  Seamless recognition of all Windows file systems (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS).

  Deletion Protection*
  Protect selected files and folders from accidental deletion-including folder property inheritance for future files.

  QuickScan Files
  For Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP users, QuickScan finds deleted files faster than competitors.

  Recovering Exact File Names
  Enhanced capabilities allow many of your files to be recovered with an exact file name match (most deleted files lose the first character of the file name).

  Network Recovery
  Recover data from network clients from a central location.

  File Compare
  Compares two files and highlights the differences.

  Custom File Format
  The ability to create a custom file format definition, to assit in the recovery of non-standard file formats

  Recovery Report
  Print a report of data that is available for recovery.

*Requires Microsoft® Windows NT®, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.

System Requirements
Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/Me
Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0 (Workstation/Server SP4)/2000 (Professional/Server)/XP
Intel® Pentium® 133 MHz or higher
10 MB of available hard-disk space (20 MB or more recommended)
64 MB RAM to run application (64 MB or more recommended)
CD-ROM drive (2x or faster) for software installation only
256-color VGA resolution